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Date updated Topic
2013 Fall  David Fairchild and the LaSallian Brothers Lèon and Marie-Victorin in Cuba
2013 Summer Bamboo  in America: the Barbour Lathrop Plant Introduction Garden
2013 Spring Dr. John Kunkel Small: Explorer of old Florida
2013 Winter Exploring for Plants at Isla Beata
2012 Fall A Springtime Trip to Texas
2012 Spring David Fairchild and the world within the Microscope
2012 Winter Follwing the Steps of Dr. David Fairchild in the Canary Islands
2011 Fall Priscilla Fawcett's Illustrations for Flora of the Bahama Archipalago
2011 Summer Attic Days in Washington, 1889-1893: David Fairchild's reminiscence of his early days at the USDA
2011 Spring Preserving a Valuable Historic Record: Dr. David Fairchild's Images in the Bertram Zuckerman Garden Archive.
2011 Spring Dr. David Fairchild, Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega and the Canary Islands
2011 Winter The Second Fairchild Tropical Garden Expedition; Searching for Palms in Colombia with the Fosters
2010 Fall Date palm introduction to the 'New World'
2010 Summer Exploring for Plants on the Utowana: the Allison V. Armour Expeditions
2010 Spring Dr. Fairchild and the 'Sage of Biscayne Bay' at The Sentinels: Charles Torrey Simpson
2010 Winter Hugo Curran on the Cheng Ho Expedition
2009 Fall Photographing the Cheng Ho Expedition
2009 July Science Illustrated... Priscilla Fawcett's botanical illustration work at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
2009 June A Garden Party With Dr. David Fairchild and his Favorite Fruit - Dr. Fairchild waited 50 years before he was able to introduce mangosteen to America
2008  Oct Lucita Wait talks about David Fairchild - learn about Ms Wait's contributions to the garden and listen to her tell stories about David Fairchild.
2008 July "Portraits of fruits which talk..."  - Lee Adams' mango portraits
2008 June Langlois' Legacy of Palms
2008 March David Fairchild and Early Flight
2007 A New Species of Banana from David Fairchild
2006 "Our Plant Immigrants" by David Fairchild. A reprint from the National Geographic 1906.
2004  David Fairchild and the Washington DC flowering cherry trees
2003  Photos from the Collection: Dedication of the Garden 1938



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