The Million Orchid Project

Restoring South Florida’s Orchids

A five-year orchid reintroduction project for South Florida

Read a written overview of The Million Orchid Project.


The Million Orchid Project in the media:

National Geographic
“Replacing Florida’s ‘Stolen’ Orchids” by Gabriella Garcia-Pardo.

• National Public Radio (NPR)
“Bringing A ‘Million Orchids’ To Florida’s Trees” by Greg Allen.

“’Million Orchid’ project to revive native Florida flowers” by Zachary Fagenson.
“One million endangered orchids to be planted in South Florida” by Ben Gruber.

• The Miami Herald
 “Some vanishing native orchids are being resurrected in labs” by Kenneth Setzer.
“Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Gables to plant millions of orchids in Miami-Dade” by Joey Flechas. Photos by Walter Michot.

• Miami New Times
“Five Things You Never Knew About Orchids in Honor of Fairchild’s Million Orchids Project” by Hannah Sentenac.

• Coral Gables TV
“Million Orchid Project” (part of What’s Happening Coral Gables).

• City of Coral Gables
“The Return of the Orchids”.

• The Panther (Miami Palmetto Senior High School)
“Fairchild laboratories bloom a million orchids” by Sereena Gee.