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Rincon de la Veija Hike

Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 01:08:16 PM

After a night at Rincon de la Vieja
Lodge a short drive took me to the
park entrance and the beginning of
a 5km walking trail.


Through the forest and across


Leading up towards the open, mud
pool and fumarole-dotted volcano

Spectacular trees



Tabebuia chrysantha flowering
above the forest canopy.

Emerging from the forest the trail leads past boiling mud pots, belching fumaroles and bubbling pools, the whole area reeking of hydrogen sulphide. A spectacular and dramatic landscape.




After the heat of the exposed plateau it was a pleasure to re-enter the forest with its clear streams, log-bridges, giant tree buttresses and impressive leaf-cutter ant mounds.

A truly special place preserved for all by dedicated conservation-minded folks here in Costa Rica.




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