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A Hike Along Volcán Tenorio

Wed, Jun 05, 2013 at 08:49:15 AM

Volcán Tenorio — a beautiful and mildly strenuous
5km hike along well-defined trails skirting the
Rio Celeste on the slopes of Volcán Tenorio


Lush vegetation.
Featured: Heliconia


A species of Psychotria (great butterfly nectar plants)


Another species of Psychotria


Breathing the strong odor of hydrogen sulphide I followed the Rio Celeste past a
spectacular waterfall along a trail dotted with . . .


. . . tree ferns and palms.


Across semi-secure bridges


Until the reason for the smell and color of the
water was revealed: A fissure in the basalt of
the river bed allowing hot water saturated with
hydrogen sulphide and dissolved copper salts
to bubble up into the river


The hike revealed more than just palms, however: invisible but noisy birds and of course, beady-eyed stick insects, colorful beetles, mud-puddling butterflies and skittering lizards.





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