Science Comes Alive

The Science of Butterflies

World-class research, real opportunities, educational excellence and scientific breakthroughs and advancements are just a few of the goals of the Kushlan Tropical Science Institute, along with the Hsiao Laboratories and Vollmer Metamorphosis Lab, state-of-the-art research facilities in The Paul and Swanee DiMare Science Village.

Through the Kushlan Institute, outreach programs and research and grant work opportunities will be available for scientists and graduate students from the University of Miami, Florida International University, the University of Florida and Miami-Dade College, along with researchers from The Kampong, the Montgomery Botanical Center and the United States Department of Agriculture at Chapman Field. Meanwhile, the Hsiao Laboratories will conduct studies in areas such as the diversity of DNA in rare plants and trees, bird and butterfly research and orchid conservation in partnership with the American Orchid Society.

At the same time, the business of nurturing and managing incoming butterfly pupae will occur in the Vollmer Metamorphosis Lab. Here, visitors will get the thrilling experience of being able to watch clearly labeled chrysalises through a glass wall as they hatch in real time. It is from here that the 3,000 butterflies, 40 species or more at a time, literally take flight into the Wings of the Tropics.

To accommodate world-class teaching, the Science Village also is home to new classroom space and “The Den,” a gathering space and offices for graduate students who will also be able to incorporate online classes from universities into their studies.