The V.I.B. List

Meet Some of the Butterfly Stars of The Wings of the Tropics

From the jungles of Central and South America all the way to Asia, the stars of The Wings of the Tropics are truly an international swarm of characters. The man behind completely overseeing the exhibit, the “Butterfly Man” Martin Feather, carefully chose each and every one of them. In choosing which out of the up to 200 butterfly and moth species Fairchild is able to display, Mr. Feather followed a simple philosophy: his own words, “If you don’t say ‘Wow,’ I’m not doing my job.” Below is a sample of the varied species of butterflies which may be on display, as well as where they originate. Please note, due to factors like seasonal availability, there is no guarantee as to which species will be on display at any given time.


Costa Rica



El Salvador

Idea leuconoe   
Cethosia cyane
Doleschallia bisaltide
Hypolimnas bolina
Kallima paralekta  
Lexias dirtea  
Parthenos sylvia lilacinus
Chilasa clytia  
Graphium agamemnon
Pachliopta kotzebuea      
Ornithoptera priamus  
Attacus atlas                    


Dryadula phaetusa
Biblis hyperia
Caligo mennon
Catonephele mexicana
Eueides isabella
Greta oto
Heliconius cydno
Heliconius ismenius
Heliconius sapho
Morpho peleides
Myscelia cyaniris
Nessaea aglaura
Panacea procilla
Parides iphidamas
Parides photinus
Philaethria dido
Euides isabella    



Morpho achilles
Heliconius antiochus
Anartia amathea
Catonephele acontius
Caligo teucer

Heliconius doris   
Heliconius atthis 
Heliconius melpomene     

Heliconius erato
Methona confusa

Heliconius hecale (dark form)
Lycorea cleobaea
Mechanitis polymnia
Morpho polyphemus
Tithorea harmonia