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International Mango Grower's Summit
International Mango Grower's Summit

Note: This event has already taken place. If you are interested in learning about current and upcoming Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Events, click here.

When: Friday, July 13, 2012 from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM

The mango world continues to evolve and we are facing a number of important challenges in order to remain profitable in the mango business. 

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden will hold its 20th Annual International Mango Festival on July 14 and 15, 2012. The theme of the festival for 2012 is, “The Mangos of Fairchild -Evolution” and will explore how the mango has evolved during the 20 years Fairchild has celebrated this fruit. 

On Friday 13 July, 2012,  we will conduct a Grower’s Summit to address specific issues that face the modern mango grower for the achievement of success through quality. This summit will focus on the production of quality mangos and will give you the opportunity to network with growers and  take an in-depth look at the production of quality in mango production world-wide.

Registration for the Grower's Summit will also provide for entry to both days of the International Mango Festival.

The International Mango Festival Grower’s Summit Agenda

Friday, July 13, 2012

9:30 a.m.        Registration

10:00 a.m.      Welcoming by Dr. Carl E. Lewis, 
                         Director of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

10:15 a.m.      Twenty Years of Collecting, Research and Promotion:
                          Impact on the Mango Industry
, Dr. Richard J. Campbell, FTBG

11:00 a.m.      Rebirth of the Mango in South Florida, Noris Ledesma, FTBG

12:00 p.m.      Lunch

1:00 p.m.        Model System for A Mango Business,
                         Dr. Yair Aron, Martex, Puerto Rico, USA

2:00 p.m.        Mangos of Israel, Clift Love, Israel

2:45 p.m.        Integrated Approach to Mango Disorders
                         Dr. Randy Ploetz, University of Florida

3:30 p.m.        Future of Mangifera Species and Their Genetic Potential,
                         Dr. Richard J. Campbell and Noris Ledesma, FTBG

6:00 p.m.        Fellows and VIP Party: Mangos of Fairchild: Evolution,
Dr. Richard J. Campbell and Noris Ledesma, FTBG

Registration for the event is $60 and can be made by contacting Ashley Amarante at 305.667.1651, ext. 3344 or aamarante@fairchildgarden.org.

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