Classes at Fairchild

Greetings Fairchild students!

Another wonderful growing season is upon us. Join Fairchild staff and local horticulturists as they share their knowledge on how to grow a variety of plants ranging from ferns, orchids, native plants, vegetables, tomatoes and those back yard giants, the palms. 

Here’s your chance to learn how to paint or draw. All you need to do is pick the medium.

Choose from a variety of art classes conducted by our devoted and experienced local artists.

Eager photographers will be able to capture the Garden’s beauty morning, noon and night. Would you like to learn more about your Smart Phone’s camera apps? There are classes for both iPhone and Android users.

We welcome back our favorite chefs with new culinary twists for you to try in your own kitchen.

Please take the opportunity to include Fairchild’s classes in your plans for the upcoming months and we hope that you will encourage your family and friends to become part of the Fairchild experience. We hope to see you in a class soon.

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